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Pun in the title totally intended. I’ve been looking online where to get authentic label shoes in Europe and came upon Schuh (I’ll put links below the post). I thought I’d share my thoughts on both the shoes themselves (which will take three parts, yes, I’m naughty) and my experience with the store.

First lets start off with what I bought! They have a sale so these babies are currently 41% off, priced at 37.99€, the Vans slip-ons:

And worn:

I was so happy that they were on sale, I would have wanted the pink ones anyway. I’m no fan of pink and I specially tend to avoid anything hot pink but for some reason, I just had to have these. I’ve also never owned any Vans shoes so this is a first for me. I’ve been wearing these for a week now and…

* Very very comfortable
* Seriously easy to put on and take off, takes like two seconds. Something I really appreciate since most of my footwear either has a crapton of laces or straps.
* They’re crazy happy pink!
* Seem to hold on very well, a week of at least 8 hours wear and they still look brand new, the Chinese knockoffs of Converses for instance look like a mess after a week.
* They form to my feet well. I have odd feet, my calves sort of sink inside, I don’t know how to explain this properly. When I stand, my calves aren’t straight, they sort of slouch to the inner side and quite strongly. That makes wearing in new shoes pretty rough sometimes.

* Not the cheapest out there, if there wasn’t a sale, they’d be 65€. Which is a lot of money for a pair of slip-ons. However the pros outweigh this for me and I will be buying them again once these fall apart. I’m such a fan I want to buy them for my whole family! 😀 Sad I’m not that rich 😀
* They do run a wee bit small, I’m EU size 40 and I got them in 40. They do fit but the fit is very snug, I can only wear thin socks with these. And my feet are constantly cold so next time I’m taking size 41 to accomodate for thicker socks.

Now, lets talk about the store, Schuh. First of all I have to mention this separately, they have the best system for showing you the shoes, not only do they have a load of pictures of every model, they also have a 360 degree view AND a video of them being worn! Seriously. I’ve often tried on shoes in the store that looked great on the rack but when worn were kind of meh. And vice versa. So it’s definitely a plus to see what they look like on someone. And the pictures are also great, for instance they even give you pictures of details, like this (picture credit to Schuh):

Pros of Schuh:
* Excellent view of the product, lots of pictures, 360 degree view and a video
* Very fast shipping, they ship the next day and use a courier service
* Low shipping costs! From UK to Estonia it’s 5€ and if you order over 75€, you get free shipping
* Clear and simple returns & exchanges system
* Takes Paypal in addition to major credit cards
* 100% authentic brands, no knockoffs sold as being real
* Wide variety of brands, including Vans, Converse, Keds, Doc Martens etc
* On the UK site they also have customer reviews, check those out for helpful tips on whether something runs a bit small or whatever else
* Customer service works 7 days a week and you will get a quick reply to whatever is worrying you. Also they have an extensive FAQ on their page.

Cons of Schuh:
* Pretty expensive but they do have sales
* The colors so far seem to be presented with less saturation then the shoes are in real life. Colors themselves are accurate, just in real life the shoes are much more vibrant and this does not just apply to these Vans ones. However it’s not a big deal at all for me. Just something to consider. This you can also read from the customer reviews, people usually mention if they look a bit different.

Overall I’d totally recommend Schuh! And as for Vans, as said before, I’d buy them for my entire family if I could, enough said 😀

Schuh UK
Schuh EU
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Have a wonderful Saturday everyone and see you very soon! Stay tuned for more ELF, shoes and very soon, the July Estonian Glambox 🙂