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I have a huuuuge pile of ELF stuff to review so I’m splitting it into parts, otherwise it’d be one humongous post. So today, chapter one, ELF Studio Cream eyeliners!
For those who do not know, ELF stands for EyesLipsFace (though not capitalized but hey, looks cooler this way), it’s a place to get really cheap cosmetics which do have hits and misses but the hits are glorious for the price. So that aside, lets move on to the cream eyeliners!

This is what you get:

It comes in this plastic jar with the tiny brush included. The brush isn’t godawful though it’s not really all that great for precision work, its a pain to try to do a thin line with it. But if you don’t have any eyeliner brushes, hey, it does the job!

This is how it looks when worn, using the brush that comes with it to show that it does work:

Though see how it’s pretty thick? Since I couldn’t really do a thin line I couldn’t go as far towards the inner corner as I would have liked. But it is very very black and the brush is easy to use in the sense that usually I have a lot of trouble with the part that’s inside my lashes, it’s a complete pain. With this brush, it’s easypeasy.

The colors I have:

Left to right: Teal Tease, Black, Gunmetal, Punk Purple

Swatches of them:

This is a super closeup of just one swoop. You can build them up but I wanted to show you what you get with the first go. Left to right: Teal Tease, Punk Purple, Gunmetal, Black.

Now that all aside, these are pretty dang awesome! They’re much much cheaper to buy from the USA online store (3$) which we, Europeans, can’t get our hands on. In the UK store which is meant for us, these babies go for 4.50€ a piece. Which is still a good price. The quality is amazing, they stay put all day (seriously, I took all four out on a test run of at least 8 hours, the black was even on for 14 hours and didn’t budge, smear or go funky), something like a miracle, my folded eyes usually tend to make life hard for liners and mostly I find myself with eyeliner everywhere after an hour or two. The colors are amazing, they do build up though not too much, after a few layers you start to remove more then add.

* Can’t beat the price!
* Comes with a brush
* Beautiful colors
* Last ALL day, for real
* No smudging, smearing or flaking
* Very easy to use

* I do wish the jars were a tad smaller, they are a bit needlessly big. But it’s no big deal.
* The washing of the brush after using is a must (with any cream liner) and that makes it a bit annoying to use before running to work in a hurry.

Overall – THUMBS UP! These are the best liners I’ve found yet. And I’ve tried all kinds. Though not MAC ones so I don’t know how they compare to MAC cream eyeliners. With the hefty price difference, these are probably not as good but you never know. In any case, I do recommend you try these out, for this price, you really can’t go wrong. Also do subscribe to their newsletter, they have constant events of all sorts, sales, free shipping and extra stuff things. My haul is from three different orders, two of which came with free shipping and extra items. Which we’ll get to later so stay tuned!

Eyeslipsface USA
Eyeslipsface UK